More Efficient

LEDs run on DC, not 120V AC

Running LED lights on DC voltage saves compared to running them on 120V AC

You use less wire

120V AC needs grounded 12 gauge romex.  That's three thick copper wires run to each switch and light.  

48V DC runs on 18 gauge 2-wire security wire.  Less copper, less waste

No new construction lighting cans needed

ATX•LED's wafer LED lighting is only 1/2" thin and mounts directly into the ceiling sitting flush.  No need for any metal cans in the ceiling.

Perfectly Reliable

More Reliable

LEDs should last 10 years

Every LED bulb you install has extra components and goes through extra steps just to work with 120V AC.  Each bulb has an AC to DC converter that converts the incoming 120V AC into low voltage DC for the LEDs to operate.

This AC to DC converter is a failure point for LED bulbs.  When you put these bulbs into a ceiling fixture, the AC to DC converter heats to over 140℉.  This leads to early failures of the bulb.

With DC lighting there is not heat buildup.  Now your LED lights can last 10 years as they should.


Lighting control should be in every new home

69% of new home buyers say that lighting control is they number one smart home feature that they want.  But they're often turned off because of the price.

Every ATX•LED dimmer is smart.  You can control via voice or via mobile app.  You can set schedules and create scenes to automate your lights.  

Your new home will come with default schedules for outdoor lights and default lights that turn on when you arrive home so your pathway into your home is lit.  

Best of all, the intelligence comes built into your ATX•LED system at a cost that is the same or less than a traditional 120V AC system with dumb switches.

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