ATX-LED DC Architecture Overview

Typical LED lighting systems today rely on the existing Edison screw and 120V. This creates a need for added technology to the LED like a converter and a driver. For our solution, rather than putting an LED driver and a 120VAC converter on each LED, we separate the LED and power conversion from the LED lights.  This reduces cost, improves reliability and efficiency, is safer, and allows much greater control.  


At the heart of our system is an intelligent constant current LED driver that can be separated from the LED by up to 100' of wire and can drive up to 8 LED lights with perfect dimming. These LEDs can be controlled from the wall dimmer itself, or via mobile app or voice control (Alexa or Google Assistant).  Our constant current, intelligent LED driver technology is embodied in our Smart Wall Dimmer and our Constant Current Doubler.  We'll describe these in detail below.  

Smart Wall Dimmer

The AL-WS-DR2 Smart Wall Dimmer has a 48V input and two parallel matching dimmable drivers that will each drive from 300mA to 720mA.  The maximum current below 300 mA is software adjustable.  

This Smart Dimmer has a 48V input, a 48V daisy chain connection to power nearby DR2 dimmers, and two constant current outputs of up to 48V.  It also has a data input for the DALI bus, a daisy-chain connection on the data bus to connect to nearby DR2 dimmers, and an input for N-WAY switching.  

You can drive up to two 4" ATX-LED wafers from each of these two outputs for a total of four 4" 5W wafers per DR2 dimmer.  For driving more than this number, you may use the AL-DOUBLER Constant Current Doubler

Smart Constant Current LED Drivers

The AL-DOUBLER Constant Current Doubler converts one zero to 720 mA source into two matching zero to 360mA loads  - this allows doubling the number of LEDs per AL-WS-DR2

By using the AL-DOUBLER, you can drive 5, 6 or 8 of the 4" 5W ATX-LED wafer lights per DR2 Smart Dimmer.  

Specific wiring instructions are provided in the section on How to Wire.

LED Light Fixtures

Our DR2 Smart Dimmer will drive the majority of LED fixtures up to 720mA and 44V (up to 59V on request).  While bare COB LEDs are preferred, either constant current (CC) or constant voltage (CV) LEDs can be driven and dimmed perfectly.  However, the lumen output of bare COB LEDs are up to 60% higher in CC compared to CV.

LEDs can be wired in series for up to 44 volts - for example 4x 10v bulbs or 12v plus 24v strips.  Parallel wiring of CC LEDs is not recommended - the AL-Doubler allows two 360 mA ( or less ) LED series chain to share one 720 mA driver.  Parallel wiring of CV LEDs is acceptable. Series / Parallel wiring works as well - subject to the 44 volt, 720 mA limits

ATX-LED's solution is designed to work with most LED fixtures.  We provide a variety of standard UL Approved overhead lighting solutions that we have tested to work with our solution.  

ATX-LED Light Fixtures

ATX-LED supplies a variety of overhead lights that will handle 90% of the lighting needs of a new house.  We also supply low voltage E19 (standard light bulb) socket bulbs so that you can use the ATX-LED solution with most fixtures that use screw-in light bulbs.  All ATX-LED fixtures are ETL and UL rated. 

You'll find information on how to connect these fixtures to the DR2 Smart Dimmer in the how to wire section of our instructions.  

See our data sheets and store for more info.  Contact us to discuss your specific LED lights and how to make them work with our solution.  

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