DC LED lighting saves energy

LEDs run on 48V or lower DC. So why are we running 120VAC to them?  Every LED light that is powered by 120VAC requires an AC to DC converter at the LED.  While LED's are 95% efficient producing light from the energy supplied to them, these AC to DC converters add an extra 15% energy loss.

ATX•LED solution uses a single high efficiency DC power supply at a central location in the house.  

The result is 90% or greater efficiency on your LED lights.  Less heat, more light:  Just the way it should be.


Less wire, less waste, less labor

ATX•LED 48V DC lighting solutions save cost vs 120V AC lighting.  

Lower voltage means less expensive wire, less expensive fixtures and no metal cans in the ceiling.  Replace 12 gauge 3-wire Romex with 18 gauge security wire.  Replace can lights with low profile LED wafer fixtures.  

And because ATX•LED solutions are below the 60V NEC code limit, both licensed electricians and low voltage integrators can install this product.


Why do your 10-year LED bulbs burn out in 2 years?

The bulb says it's rated for 7 years, 10 years, 15 years.  They seem to last longer than your old incandescent bulbs, but you're seeing failures after 1 or 2 years on some bulbs.  What's up?!?

Today's LED bulbs fail when the AC to DC converter gets hot as the components in that board start to cook.  Those components are rated to last 2000 hours, not 50,000 hours like the LEDs in that bulb.

With ATX•LED's DC solution, your LEDs will last the 10 -15 years that you expected.  Finally.


More than just a gimmick

The wealthiest homeowners have had dimmable lighting control for two decades.  They have the money and flipping switches in a ten thousand square foot home is impractical.  

But the rest of us bought houses with plain dumb switches.  Anything more has just been too expensive.  Until now.  

We've engineered smart into our solution from the beginning.  Every ATX•LED wall switch dims your lights and is also smart.  

Alexa, Google Home, smart phone control, scenes, schedules, automations.  They're all build into every system.  Simple, affordable, smart.  

Buy your new home with smart switches, not dumb ones.  With ATX•LED, it won't cost more.


Saving our natural resources

The average new home has over 200 pounds of copper wire behind the walls and 200 pounds of aluminum and steel in the ceiling for your overhead lights.

ATX•LED DC solutions are much more efficient with the earth's natural resources.

Using ATX•LED DC lighting solution can save up to 100 pounds of copper and 200 pounds of aluminum and iron from being mined.  

And because mining and refining these metals uses significant energy and many dangerous chemicals, we all benefit from less of that.  

Lower your home's carbon footprint.  Choose ATX•LED for your new home.

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